This is why we love to stomp trolls

Fellowship of the Minds

Glenn Beck is onto something we’ve been aware of for a while. He’s got more detail on the subject here. I hope it serves to inform and protect our readers and commenters. ~ TD 



It’s true: Government agents are infiltrating online communities

Wednesday, Feb 26, 2014 at 2:43 PM EST

If you have been following Glenn since his days at Fox News, you may remember the expose he did on Obama ‘regulatory czar’ Cass Sunstein and his nudge theory. One of Sunstein’s more disturbing ideas involved government operatives infiltrating online communities in order to disseminate false information. As Glenn describes it, the goal was to “pose, infiltrate, and discredit.” Anyone who actually took Sunstein’s words at face value were mocked and labeled conspiracy theorists. But, as it turns out, it was all true.

“The English version of the NSA is the GCHQ… The English NSA has now revealed that…

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Author: patrioticgofer

Vietnam Veteran and patriot to my home and home land. Not a government butt kisser, by any means. I believe in "We the people" being the power in this great country and I believe we need to regain that status and remind our governing officials of that, every chance we get. There are all kinds of "conspiracy theories" coming out, almost faster, every day. Hopefully, the posts I put here, have been researched by others and are truthful.

One thought on “This is why we love to stomp trolls”

  1. Not sure how re-blogging an article works, so this is my first attempt. You may comment here or on the original post.
    Bottom line … trolls are around, simply because people DO respond to them. They get their power from you when you respond.

    It’s almost a sexual thing to trolls. They are “getting off” on your angry responses. They ‘ve gotten to you! Their goal.

    Don’t respond… they go away, powerless.

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