In pagan cultures, tattoo began as a form of demon worship

I believe that you can have tattoos and be forgiven, seeing as I have a back tattoo and have had a near death experience a number of years after getting the tattoo. I’m not going to go into what happened during the near death experience, but I will say that it happened over ten years ago and I remember it as clearly as if it happened yesterday. And from that experience, I know that God’s love is the purest and most beautiful love one can ever know and feel. I know that I am a sinner, as we are ALL born into sin. I have repented to my Lord Jesus and His Awesome Father numerous times. God knows my heart and I have given my life to Jesus for His Judgment.

Did I get my tattoos because of worship of evil? No, hardly. I do have my patriotic reasons for my tats but they are my reasons and I don’t need to justify myself to any human. I will bravely stand before my Lord Jesus and take “whatever is coming” to me. Although, I’d think that if God hated me for defiling my body, He would not have given me the “gift” of the near death experience, nor allow me to feel His love. Just my own thoughts and not knocking the post or anyone here.

As for that young fellow up there with the face all carved to pieces and tats all over his head and face… even I will never understand why someone does that. As for a majority of tattoos nowadays, a great many of them do indeed glorify death, satanism or other horrible things and just the thought of putting some of the same kind of things on my body, horrify me.

Yeah, there are a great many atheists and others who do anything they can to go against God’s word. But truth be told…. God does know our hearts.

Fellowship of the Minds

Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie

Tattoos and body piercings are all the rage today. Movie stars and singers are covered with tattoos. Ordinary people in the streets and on T.V. are covered with tattoos — not just young people, but even older folks.

But did you know that Rolling Stone magazine quoted famous tattoo artist Paul Booth as saying that while he is tattooing people, “he allows his clients’ demons to help guide the needle”?


William M. Sudduth Sr. is the president of Righteous Acts Ministries ( and author of What’s Behind the Ink?, a book about the spiritual aspects of tattooing, piercing and other fads.

He spent nearly two years researching the origins and history of tattoos and piercing — of Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, Europeans, Mid-Easterners, Asians and Africans. He discovered that all primitive pagan cultures throughout history and on every continent subscribed to some form of body…

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Author: patrioticgofer

Vietnam Veteran and patriot to my home and home land. Not a government butt kisser, by any means. I believe in "We the people" being the power in this great country and I believe we need to regain that status and remind our governing officials of that, every chance we get. There are all kinds of "conspiracy theories" coming out, almost faster, every day. Hopefully, the posts I put here, have been researched by others and are truthful.

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