SIX crewless cargo vessels full of Muslims have arrived onto Italian coast in the last month

I have posted comments in reply to one other gentleman’s post. But, I can believe this article. There are a great many dishonest people roaming the planet and it’s only getting worse, day by day. I’d just as soon NOT see more muslim immigrants arriving on Europe’s or the USA’s shores. I’d rather see them sent back to their native country. They need to start standing up for what they feel is right, as we do. Coming to our countries and being nothing but leaches on society, they are not benefiting themselves. , much less the country they are invading and bringing their hateful religion to.

The Muslim Issue

Absolutely disgusting and infuriating apathy by the Europeans in dealing with this problem, enabling a very easy channel for Isis to export terrorists to all across the EU. They should be shot at sea if they don’t turn around.
SIX cargo vessels full of Muslims, valued at around $50-80 million each, make one-way trips to reach European shores and they are greeted with blankets and a warm cup of tea! This is a sick joke.

The left-wing extremist in the European Union who are the main source to these problems need to be charged with treason and executed for their abhorrent destruction of the entire security fabric of the region.

The ghost ship armada packed with migrants: Six vessels abandoned by crews in the last month

  • Italian coastguard rescued 450 migrants on an abandoned cattle ship
  • The latest incident was less than two days after Blue Sky M…

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Author: patrioticgofer

Vietnam Veteran and patriot to my home and home land. Not a government butt kisser, by any means. I believe in "We the people" being the power in this great country and I believe we need to regain that status and remind our governing officials of that, every chance we get. There are all kinds of "conspiracy theories" coming out, almost faster, every day. Hopefully, the posts I put here, have been researched by others and are truthful.

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