Obama calls for banning of American Revolution flag

Like a great many patriotic Americans, I agree with this post and also love the NEW GADSON FLAG pictured in the comments. If Obama wants to ban racist things, he should ban himself and LEAVE the country to those of us who love our home and home LAND!

It’s been said that this article is a lie. I suspect that those who’d dismiss it that way, can do so, if it pleases them, but since I am an avowed hater of this so-called “president”, a traitor to the constitution and everything the United States stands for, I’m going to stand WITH the post.

If you don’t like what I have to say, ask me if I care. I DON’T. Obama is a racist mother diddling faggot, married to a cross-dresser who’s original name was Michael. And that’s easily researched.

If you are an Obama lover, you can kiss my ass. I consider you to be a traitor to this great nation, also. One day, there may just be a reckoning and we’ll see whether good or evil triumphs. I vote for good.


Author: patrioticgofer

Vietnam Veteran and patriot to my home and home land. Not a government butt kisser, by any means. I believe in "We the people" being the power in this great country and I believe we need to regain that status and remind our governing officials of that, every chance we get. There are all kinds of "conspiracy theories" coming out, almost faster, every day. Hopefully, the posts I put here, have been researched by others and are truthful.

2 thoughts on “Obama calls for banning of American Revolution flag”

  1. please watch the speech.

    I think Obama is the worst liar in chief that we have ever had, and that is saying something.
    However, Obama never said anything about ANY flag, let alone banning the Gadsden flag.
    People need to verify crap like this before posting or commenting about it.
    It gives constitutionalists a bad name. Progressives already try to stereotype us as ignorant, gun and bible clinging inbreds.
    Please don’t give them more fuel to add to the fire.
    Check facts instead of blindly following others.
    I must have read 200 or more opinions on this story blindly running wild with this BS from the Washington Weekly.
    People, if we want to be taken seriously by progressives this is not how to go about it.
    Deny ignorance.

    1. I have also read numerous articles, claiming the same as what I forwarded to my blog here. I’m currently listening to the speech, as I type this. I appreciate the link you provided.

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