Clint Eastwood Rips ‘P*ssy Generation,’ Says He’ll Vote For Donald Trump

First off, I agree with all the comments below! All speak the truth of today’s society, just like Mr. Eastwood did.

However, the one thing I have a problem with … on a comment below…. is the comment about Mr. Eastwood’s movie ” Iwo Jima”. I’d like to offer my own take on the movie, seeing as I’m a veteran who fought in an unpopular war.

Many Japanese completely disagreed with the controlling political party, during that time. Nevertheless, they were “drafted”, as it were. You either went into service or you were put in prison … or worse.

I think Clint did a pretty decent job on that movie and it gave me a different perspective of the Japanese, overall.

Yes… many followed the current “political correctness of the day”, volunteered and eagerly killed, raped and savaged their own people, the Chinese and anyone else they came in contact with. They were despicable, to say the very least. Calling the gung ho among them an animal, is an insult to any animal.

I salute Clint Eastwood for standing up for his beliefs and, indeed, we have a “pussy generation”, which I’ve seen coming for a long, long time, starting back in the 70’s with Dr. Spock.


Author: patrioticgofer

Vietnam Veteran and patriot to my home and home land. Not a government butt kisser, by any means. I believe in "We the people" being the power in this great country and I believe we need to regain that status and remind our governing officials of that, every chance we get. There are all kinds of "conspiracy theories" coming out, almost faster, every day. Hopefully, the posts I put here, have been researched by others and are truthful.

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